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    Oracle "boot from EBS" image

      This is probably a question for Bill Hodak from Oracle.

      As Amazon has released on Friday news of their "boot from EBS" images (http://ec2-downloads.s3.amazonaws.com/BootFromEBSGSGGuide.pdf), it looks the the EC2 service now has a much more flexible way to run machine images, without the 10G limit. Since it's brand new, as of 12/5/09, there are only 11 images created with this new deployment model. None of them with Oracle Enterprise Linux or Database.

      So 2 questions:

      1. Is Oracle contemplating bundling an EBS-style deployment of the Oracle cloud images?
      2. Would it be possible for Oracle to bundle just Oracle Enterprise Linux as an image? This would give us the ultimate flexibility to deploy an Oracle-approved linux EBS image, and we could then install and configure whatever database version and components we needed for that instance.

      Thanks very much,