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    Stop on Error


      I was hoping you could help me out here. I'm new to oracle sql developer

      Is there a way to let the tool Stop on error when running a script with F5 or F9 ?

      this is a pretty big issue for me because often I run a very large script against the database and it can be very bad if some part of the script doesn't work and the script continues to run..

      like this example

      do something
      error in script
      do something else

      I want the script to stop running when it hits the error..

      is it possible ? or must I return to Toad ?
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          SQL Developer supports the SQL*Plus WHENEVER command. In its simplest form, just start your script with:
          This will stop the script at the first SQL error and return a failure code. There are other options to the WHENEVER command that you can use for more sophisticated error handling, and you can have more than one WHENEVER command to change the error processing instructions for different parts of your script.
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            Hi Thanks..

            This works just fine.