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    olapisvc.exe Error on the EPM server


      I am running EPM System 11 on Windows Server 2003. Last week, our servers running the EPM system went down. Upon turning them back on and starting up the machine with the EPM System on it, I recieved an error message that reads:

      "olapisvc.exe encountered a problem and needed to close."

      The error message than gives the time and date the error occured. When clicking for more details, the following files were included in the error report:



      I have not yet noticed lost functionality from the EPM system, although I have only be working with the Planning and Web Anaylsis applications. A System Diagnostic reports that all components are running correctly. Has anyone seen this error before or know what causes it? Or how to fix it? As I mentioned I haven't noticed any problems YET, but I am trying to be proactive and looking for more information on this error message. I can provide additional details if necessary. Thank you.
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          I am sure this is just a standard error message when a system crashes or the eis service has not been stopped correctly. It usually appears after a reboot.
          If eis has started up again and is running ok I wouldn't worry too much about it.


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            Hi John,

            I am getting the same error. Recently, my openLDAP service crashed and I had to recover it. It successfully started again, but the next time I booted the system, it gave me the aforementioned error.
            Although, everything is running fine so far, I am unable to start the Hyperion Integrations Services service. Is this is a cause for concern or I need not bother?