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    FLOW_EXCEL_OUTPUT_R error in the downloaded csv file

      I'm trying to use the functionality of the FLOW_EXCEL_OUTPUT_R as follows:


      Where the computation for P_REGION_ID is:
      SELECT region_id  FROM apex_application_page_regions
      WHERE        application_id = :app_id
      AND page_id = :app_page_id
      AND region_name = 'CSV export'

      In the downloaded CSV file i get the following:
      - the first row: +<||div id="report_33994800669487811_catch">+
      - the last 2 row: +<||pre>report error:+
      ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character to number conversion error<||/pre>
      (|| - sign is so I can show the tags in the post)
      The rest of the data is downloaded ok.
      But still how can i get rid of these errors?