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    Siebel 8.1 bi parameterized reports

      Hi All,

      I am working on parameterized report on siebel 8.1 but facing few issues which i am elaborating below:-

      1. In thie addition the parameters need to be declare on top of RTF template and at rum time it will pop up in front of customer.But
      *<?param@begin:ordertype;’Sales Order’?><?$ordertype?>*
      Above code is giving error and when i remove the space between "SalesOrder" its not giving error but not printing the value of it.
      Its working fine.
      I even try to use the below code but it is also not working.
      *<?param@begin:ordertype;’Sales Order’;'string'?><?$ordertype?>*

      2. I need to get two more parameters as "_created date from_" and "_created date to_" and than compare this with one of the XML tag(created_date) e.g. created_date>created date from and created_date<created date to.

      Is there any way by which we can declare the date type format on RTF and if not then how can we implement this issue in the BI reports for siebel 8.1

      We need it very urgently, any pointer in this regard will be appreciated.

      Sunil Maurya