How can I delete Eloqua assets on a large scale?

Codrin Teiu
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We are in the situation where we want to delete a large number of eloqua campaigns and their corresponding assets. In short, our campaigns are active for 2 years. We want to delete everything on the 2012-2014 interval, which is a campaign assets. This includes, the program or the canvas, segments, filters, emails, pages, forms, cdo's, lists.

What can be deleted with no problem are shared lists. Others, are like:

- cannot delete a filter cause it's on a canvas;

- cannot delete a canvas cause it has segments and filters (which most often are used in other canvases too);

- cannot delete a form cause it has dependencies like on the canvas for reporting

- and so on.

What we found achievable was form deletion, dependencies were solvable (remove the form from canvas, delete processing steps).

Others, are a complete headache. You end up spinning around the tail, like you cannot delete a segment cause it's on a canvas and you can't delete a canvas cause it has segments.

Has anybody done a large scale deletion of assets? Is there another way than the manual way?

PS. We have somebody who looked this up using the API, mostly on CDO deletion. We thought that maybe the API will disregard dependencies, but it does not.

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    Hi Teiu,

    We have written and used scripts in past to mass delete different eloqua items.  You can reach out to me [email protected] if you would like to explore getting help on this.



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    Hi Teiu,

    What you’re asking is something complex but doable.

    About the CDO Deletion you’re mentioning, are you referring to the CDO Set or the CDO Records within a CDO Set? If what you need to delete are the CDO Records, then we have a product that does it. If you need to delete the entire CDO Set, then you’re right about the dependencies, it will not let you remove it as easy as you think but it’s doable.

    Definitively “Dependencies” are the main subject on your request.

    If you’re most interested on deleting (for example) Campaigns, we can use the API to loop through the dependencies first, but some of those dependencies may have additional dependencies too. It’s important to consider that it will, in fact, delete a large amount of elements, not only the main ones. If you’ve thought already on this, so I can say you’re good to go.

    I’d love to hear more from your request and determine the best ways to perform the deletion. We could build a routine with a list of assets that will be deleted and as soon as we get an OK to remove these then make the script to remove everything needed from Eloqua.

    You can reach me at [email protected].



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    Hey Teiu,

    Did you find a solution?? Or you did the campaign asset deletion manually?

    I am in the exact situation right now.



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    100% in the same boat over here. Really need a solution to bulk delete folders of all assets. Clicking on every asset from 2014,2015,2016 and so on seems old school. Surely there is a solution and no we aren't doing an API. We want to select a folder, right click and delete it and all the contents. Not to mention like stated above, we also need a way to "unhook" the assets that are all tied together. Or give us an option to delete all dependencies and then delete the main asset. There is no need to archive assets from 2012. And from what I can tell you can't bulk delete if you send to archive. If that's not accurate, please let me know.. Also desperate and giving us a headache :) ...

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    Hi @Codrin Teiu @lkmeyers @nordin.r

    Thank you for reaching out to the community forum with your question.

    This guardrail is in place to ensure all remaining assets stay functional. So we don’t have a bulk delete option due to dependency conflicts, these must be addressed prior to deleting; You will need to delete/remove the dependencies and then delete the asset in question - this is a manual process.

    Campaigns would usually be the first in cleanup projects because they usually have the least dependencies or I would say, top of the hierarchy.

    Please feel free to submit an enhancement request regarding this feature along with the following information at https://community.oracle.com/community/topliners/dream-it:

    1) A brief description of the feature you want is to be added.

    2) A business use case. How will this feature benefit and help your business?

    The Product Management team will consider this request for possible inclusion in a future release of Eloqua based on desirability and ease of implementation.

    Please kindly refer to the Release Resource Center for any updates that may be released in future releases (https://community.oracle.com/docs/DOC-895287).

    Note: Once our product team receives an ER, they will analyse if it is necessary and if customers have the same needs. The product team may reject the request if they think it is unnecessary or it is not possible to implement it on our platform.

    If you would like to continue the discussion here, please feel free to post your comment or feedback.


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    Sachin, Thank you for the confirmation,,, however disappointing and frustrating. As clients with other privilege's who are the guardrails protecting? I will provide you with an example. We are in the process of attempting to clean up landing pages,, years old landing pages. For 1 of our instances and we have many, I deleted close to 600 assets to delete 10 landing pages. Not all of these were tied to each other or related. My point is that for one landing page we had over 30 dependencies tied to it. One right click would make the task less time consuming. I'm not sure why a client needs these "guardrails" when we have the reins to manage our instances on all other factors. If we choose to delete a folder that has a host of emails from 2014,, then it would be nice to be able to delete the contents. A simple are you sure? Or archive for 30-60 days then delete? During this process I learned there isn't any Delete feature on the Archive? Don't you want clients to clean up their own databases? I will put in a ticket to ER. Thank you for your reply,, much appreciated. LKM

  • It's a 3rd party app, but may I suggest https://www.portqii.com/. We implemented this last year for our admins to clean up years worth of assets and it has been incredibly effective for us.