Dynamic Content in Plain Text Emails

Sydney Peason
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Hello team, hope you are all well.

I am working on a plain text email today, but I am not sure how to treat the dynamic content.

Our footer content (address and phone number) changes dynamically based on region.

Will this display proper in a plain text email?

How would you recommend I test this?


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  • StevenHowe
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    Well, I can't speak for how your Dynamic Content will be rendered in your email without knowing what your DC is, but if you want to test it, just use the 'Preview' option in an email.

    First off though, you should select a contact (one you use for testing) and in the preferences tab on their contact record, change 'Receives HTML email' to 'Send Text Only'.

    Previewing that contact should show you what your DC looks like (providing all the rules match etc.)

  • Sydney Peason
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    Thanks Steve!

    I've selected my test contact and marked their preferences to "Send Text Only" however when I preview the email the HTML is still shown.

    I sent a test to this contact but everything is still coming through in HTML

    Why do you think I am not receiving the plain text email test? Or why am I unable to preview the plain text version per contact?


  • StevenHowe
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    Hmm, not too sure why that would be happening - perhaps Support could help with that.

    You should still be able to test the email though if you go to the 'Advanced' settings, there is a toggle at the bottom for 'send plain text only' - enable that and try again. If it still sends HTML then definitely contact Oracle support!

  • User_NCVBU
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    Update: as of 9/20/2022, if I turn on "Send Plain-Text Only" and send a test, I still receive an HTML email. I've submitted an SR on this.

  • User_NVFDK
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    Good call on the SR, and I hope you share what you learn.