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Oracle EBS Payroll Business Group Question

We are currently using Oracle EBS R12.1.3 using Payroll and HR (as well as Finance and iProcurement).

When we originally implemented Oracle EBS (early 00s) we were advised to set the HR:Business Group profile option at SITE level. This worked for us fine even when we set up a new Business Group within the organisation because the responsibility level profile value would take precedence over the Site level value.

However, this year Oracle have introduced new functionality called MCR (Monthly Contributions Reconciliation). When we could not get it to work during testing we raised an SR and Oracle said the problem was that the HR:Business Group profile option was set at Site Level. Sure enough, when we tested it with the profile option value set for the responsibility where MCR is run from (and with the Site level value set to Null) it worked. As a result, Oracle are now telling us to set the HR:Business Group profile option at Responsibility level for all the relevant responsibilities as they will not change the code.

Whilst the above is something we accept and will progress with, I do have one question. If you do not set the profile at Site level or Responsibility level and try to accept the People screen, you will receive an error message: APP-PAY-06153 system Error. Procedure INIT_FORMS at step 1 --- see MOS: 1323165.1.

That applies to our own responsibilities that we have set up. Yet, if you access the seeded responsibility: (in our case UK HRMS Manager) - you do not get an error.

Simple question. Why?

Thanks and regards.

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