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The Customer Journey and You: A Love Story

*NOTE: The beginning of this love story has absolutely nothing to do with marketing.

Close your eyes and think back to your single days (or if you’re single, just close your eyes). Envision yourself at a social function. Someone approaches you and says, “Hey, baby. You must have a mirror in your pants because I can see myself in them.”

Unacceptable first conversation, right? You roll your eyes and walk away. There's no chance of a long-term relationship with an aggressive pick-up artist. Why? Wrong time, wrong message.

Let’s try this again.

You’re at a social function. Someone – let’s call him/her “Sam” – approaches you. Sam doesn't talk to you, but communicates to you through body language. A wink and a smile, that’s all. Sam sparks your INTEREST and walks away.

What do you do? You swiftly walk over to your friend and ask, “Do you know that person?” Your friend says, “Yes, that’s Sam So-and-So.” Great. You have a first and last name, so you can start googling (read: stalking) Sam on your phone. In other words, you LEARN about Sam. You like what you see; Sam’s online presence is impressive. Very informative. You feel educated enough to take the next step. So you ask your friend to give Sam your number.

Sam calls, and you go on a first date. The conversation flows like wine. You ask each other questions so you can get to know one another. You’re both EVALUATING whether or not you’re a good fit. The conclusion at the end of the first date is yes. You are a fit. But, Sam’s not your only option, you hot prospect, you! You have a date tomorrow night with Pat. Uh, oh. Competition for Sam.

After a couple demos … er, dates with both Sam and Pat, you decide you need to make a purchase … er, decision between the two. Pat’s reputation could be better. Sam’s teeth could be straighter. Eventually, though, you JUSTIFY Sam as the better choice, because Sam is a better listener than Pat. Little did you know, Sam knew that being a bad listener was a deal breaker for you. How? Sam did some research on you, and uncovered your pain point.

Sam is officially the winner. CHA-CHING!

Moral of the story: If you want lasting relationships with your prospects, earn their trust from the beginning. Be on the customer journey with them, and provide them with relevant information at each and every stage of the buying cycle. Don’t come one too strong at the beginning; you’ll scare off potential buyers. And don’t be a cheesy pick-up line marketer; you'll get a bad brand reputation. For more tips, sign up Eloqua courses via the CX Marketing Learning Subscription. Are you subscribed yet?

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