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Dynamic Signature Rule Automation

Project Preface:

Our Users were facing issues where Signature of email based on different signatory was becoming a big list as per different country and region. The manual update on every email asset was a pain. Every time user needs to check the deployment country of campaign then find the user associated to that country and finally configure it in Email asset.

We aimed to make this configuration centralized So that it can be managed from a single location and can be used solely in the canvases, also email asset creator doesn’t need to configure the settings on the email asset.


We have Worldwide always-on campaigns. And while sending out emails to our Worldwide customers, we need to map country/region-based signatures from regional leads’ various ReplyTo and From addresses.

This was requiring manual efforts of configuring signatures, as it does vary per the country.

  1. E.g. Contact Country = US (United States)

From Name: Example IncFrom Address: [email protected]Reply-to: Example IncReply-to Address: [email protected] Contact Country = IN (India)From Name: Example IncFrom Address: [email protected]Reply-to: Example IncReply-to Address: [email protected] Image1.jpg Idea based on My Oracle Eloqua Online Course Learning:Signature rule provision of Eloqua gave me an idea to implement this automated global solution. Solution Implementation Details:I suggested to use Eloqua Dynamic Signature rule feature to overcome the manual effort of mapping country-based user on email step of canvas. We created a Dynamic rule of signature which will work on the country of target contacts while sending out the emails. This will reduce all of efforts of manual mapping and changes in signature on standalone assets. Image2.jpg User Set up in Eloqua

  • To make the signature work dynamically, we need to create multiple users based on country/region so that they can be mapped in the signature rules.
  • Created users in Eloqua with all required information related to Signature will be mapped in Signature rule configuration.
  • Sender Display Name
  • Sender Display Address ("From')
  • Reply-To Display Name
  • Reply-To Address
  • The Only purpose of these dummy user creation is to map “Reply-to” and “From Address” as per the country/region of contact in Eloqua.


  • Signature related information will be entered in “General Info (Signature fields)” tab. It includes all the details related to the User signature.

Image4.jpg Signature Rule

  • Created a signature rule to send emails on behalf of different regional leads from different country in Single deployment.
  • Senders will be dynamically define based on the country of contact on runtime.
  • Rule links the specific sender to a contact based on the field values in the contact’s record.
  • Also, we have a provision to configure Default Sender, just in case if no country gets assigned to a contact or no condition gets match with signature rule then, Default sender signature will execute.


  • This will work on real time based on country of Contact.
  • We also can create conditions based on CDO or Event fields (if required).


  • Once we done this mapping, then we simply need to use this Email step of campaign canvas.


Now we can ignore the Signature configuration in Email asset because Dynamic rule will take care of this in campaign canvas.

Note: For this project, the most helpful Eloqua courses for understanding the related functionalities to implement this solution were Signature rule with contact and CDO, Email fundamentals and helped me a lot in order to implement this. It was also important to have Eloqua Help Center to research Email asset setting.


We pulled test emails including all countries through a test campaign canvas and results were as desired. Every email contained different from and reply to address based on test customer country in Eloqua database.


We mapped this dynamic signature rule under our campaign templates so that every user is using the dynamic signature rule under email step configuration in campaign canvas. We also rolled out a quick training so that this option is not modified on campaign canvas. Today, none of our users are worried about replyto and from addresses that are tied on our emails as that is dynamically mapped based on customer country automatically. This resolved a major manual step which was required on each email / campaign.


Mukesh Satija