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Hi All,

A customer is working in a new use case (within Responsys) with an App to implement a non-native channel using ADF (App Developer Framework).

In the documentation, for example, in App Install (https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/marketing/ams-develop/Developers/ams/develop/app-installation.htm

Below is an example JWT payload that AMS uses to call the application install endpoint.

Sample Request Body:


  "applicationInstall": {

    "uuid": "4701447f-20f1-4a25-875f-52e36d6a93ae",

    "deleted": 0,

    "application": {

      "baseUrl": "http:\/\/localhost:8090",

      "configureUrl": "http:\/\/localhost:8090\/configuration.jsp",

      "description": "Sample App",

      "deleted": 0,

      "installUrl": "appInstalls\/install",

      "largeLogo": "https:\/\/images.freeimages.com\/images\/large-previews\/2fe\/butterfly-1390152.jpg",

      "mediumLogo": "https:\/\/images.freeimages.com\/images\/large-previews\/2fe\/butterfly-1390152.jpg",

      "name": "Sample App",

      "saveConfigurationUrl": "appInstalls\/configuration",

      "smallLogo": "https:\/\/images.freeimages.com\/images\/large-previews\/2fe\/butterfly-1390152.jpg",

      "status": "UP",

      "publicationStatus": "DEVELOPMENT",

      "statusMessage": {

        "body": "O",

        "eta": 978309000000,

        "reason": "Someone"


      "statusUrl": "status",

      "uninstallUrl": "appInstalls\/uninstall",

      "uuid": "7e1da507-f54a-4a21-8ac2-cf7a8e9ae7ee",

      "providerUuid": "15e2caf9-b8f1-422b-8f8c-a2936a395e0e"


    "status": "UP"


"secret": "c715fdd3-5413-4e47-aa64-30cadaeb3843-6e44c5c6-6e3d-46d7-be0e-9d69f2406cbb"


In the payload, It is the <secret>.

Is necessary this value in the payload? It is not certain that it is in the payload.

Is there a way to not show this data in the payload?


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