Email tracking in Eloqua -Using Eloqua APIs


we are new to Eloqua !

We are using Eloqua Rest APIs to create emails and campaigns .  Everything works fine except Email tracking, more precisely url tracking.

When we use the Eloqua Dashboard Email Performance there isn't any link activity or Click Map. The report just have the email opens and the bounce backs.

We are using this API  https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/marketing/eloqua-rest-api/op-api-rest-1.0-assets-email-post.html and we set the parameter "isTracked":"true".

Does any body have a suggestion or a clue to why our email url aren't tracked? 

When we go to Eloqua user interface Email and go to manage link  the email doesn't have the url tracked.

The email settings has " Enable email tracking"  active.

thank you,



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