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Excellence in Education – McAfee

At Eloqua University we are passionate about our customer’s success and work tirelessly to help you get there. We know one of the critical foundations of growth and adoption is education. With that in mind, we love real world examples and want to shine a light on McAfee. We asked Sterling Bailey, McAfee’s Global Demand Generation Manager, how education has played a part in their success.



McAfee is the largest dedicated security technology company in the world. McAfee delivers solutions and services that help secure systems, networks and mobile devices around the world, allowing users to safely connect to the Internet, browse and shop the Web more securely.  Learn more at www.McAfee.com.

McAfee is a three time Markie winner (2011 Data Clean House, 2012 Event Nirvana and 2012 Best European Lead Scoring Program) and was finalist in the 2011 North American Lead Scoring. If that wasn’t enough, their Sr. Director of Global Demand Generation won the coveted Marketing Visionary award in 2012.

We asked Sterling Bailey, McAfee’s Global Demand Generation Manager, four key questions about how education with Eloqua University made a difference in their process. Rhonda Keller, Education Services for Oracle|Eloqua also shares her thoughts in response to Sterling’s valuable feedback.

  1. By design, the Eloqua product is easy to use and some people will choose to self-educate rather than leverage formal training. What would you say is the biggest advantage Eloqua University and education on the Eloqua product and Marketing best practices have given you and your team?
    [Sterling Bailey, McAfee] The biggest advantage is the ability to create expert modern marketers in each geo. This frees up the Global Demand Center to be able to focus on more strategic items, rather than executing on small campaign items for each geo. It also allows these budding modern marketers to push the envelope on their campaigns while being more aligned with demand generation best practices.

  2. You have been using Eloqua for some time now. What advice would you offer new customers who are just getting started?
    [Sterling Bailey, McAfee] The first thing I tell these people is, “Don’t try to boil the whole ocean.” In other words, don’t approach Eloqua as if it’s a massive, Everest-sized mountain that you have to scale in one go. Take things one step at a time. For example, start with some small campaigns to get your feet wet, then maybe attack lead scoring, then nurture, etc.

  3. What has been your favorite class in Eloqua University? Why?
    [Sterling Bailey, McAfee] I think it might be the Eloqua 10: Progressive Profiling class (probably because I’m such a geek and love this kind of killer automation!).

  4. As an experienced Eloqua user, are there any classes or educational content that you would like to see Eloqua University develop that would help you on your journey as a modern marketer?
    [Sterling Bailey, McAfee] The one thing we’ve been asking for (and forgive me if this is something that you’ve already implemented) is to have more self-service classes in addition to the instructor-led courses. Although Eloqua University has a decent schedule for supporting users in multiple time zones, the feedback I’ve received from my users in other geos is that the classes they want to take are difficult to schedule because of their location. Also, Also, in terms of content (and this is really for only uber-geeky users like me), it would be cool to have some classes on advanced API integrations. There were some cool sessions at EE13 that covered some areas around this.

[Rhonda Keller, Education Services, Oracle|Eloqua]  First, thank you. The work you and the McAfee team have done is extraordinary. Your success exemplifies the benefits of comprehensive education and establishing a Global Demand Center. Given what you have achieved, we really appreciate your willingness to sit down with us and provide candid feedback.

I also value your ideas on the future of Eloqua University and thanks for noting that we may already have implemented more self-paced content. You’re right! We've rolled out more self-paced courses in 2013 than Eloqua University has ever had before and you can expect even more in 2014.

At the same time, we are committed to the benefits of a live learning experience. There is a deeper level of understanding that occurs when Eloquans meet with their peers and spend time with an expert using our hands-on lab environment. This value can’t be reproduced in a self-paced course. So we’ll continue to strive for the right balance between our self-paced and instructor-led offerings. I also understand that your need is really related to scheduling. We’ll stay dedicated to delivering a robust global schedule. Last year we offered over 140 classes a month and more than 60 a month in European time zones. Going forward, we’ll keep monitoring global demand and add live courses as needed.

Finally, uber-geeks unite! As modern marketers evolve, so does the demand for technical content. We really focused on this in the last half of 2013 and it will remain a priority in 2014. We’ll kick off the New Year with the rollout of an enhanced Masters program that recognizes more advanced skill levels in Eloqua and those who know how to put modern marketing into practice. I’m looking forward to being able to recognize great customers like McAfee with the new program. Thanks again for your insight.

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