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Driving Global Marketing Efficiency Through Digital Process Excellence

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As a senior leader of strategic marketing enablement for a fortune 1000 company, I led an assessment of my organization’s international marketing group.


The purpose of this assessment was to evaluate team skill levels, gaps, understand consistency or process concerns and determine remedial actions for widespread adoption of best practices and improved processes.


At the conclusion of the assessment, I found that the international team was lacking process, standardization, education and understanding of best practice. They also had no identifiable strategic structure for internal standards, core processes and cross functional relationships that impacted marketing system processes.


To advance the marketing maturity of our international team of marketers, I identified a phased approach that included:

  1. Campaign management
  2. Structured templates to provide technology and infrastructure support
  3. Process and education roll out for economies of scale

1. To enable campaign management, I:

  • Met with stakeholders and collected existing process documentation
    • Found that campaign process requirements had primarily been communicated to the team through email and required the marketer to collect, create and update their own processes documentation as they were notified of any changes.
  • Compiled all existing process communications into one cohesive document
  • Authored additional campaign deployment and origination processes focusing on automation, reduction in manual labor and data accuracy
  • Utilized the gap analysis data to determine areas where the team’s adherence to process was lacking and where process was nonexistent, but required
  • Revised existing processes to include explanations of their importance and impact on the organization
  • Devised further procedures to hold team members accountable through Eloqua campaign QA’s
  • Optimized the manual to include an index and glossary to further assist in accessibility of required information and ensure language understanding


2. To provide structured templates for technology and infrastructure support, I:

  • Met with stakeholders to understand our business needs and short and long-term goals
  • Utilized data obtained from the gap analysis to further clarify what technology and infrastructure support would be needed to back various skill and education levels for asset creation and ensure accurate data transmittal for attribution
  • Identified a need for segment, form, campaign, email and landing page templates
  • Built out templates to accommodate our three instances of SalesForce and our various international locations and languages
  • Tested and recalibrated the templates
  • Compiled template process requirements and incorporated within the campaign management documentation

3. To ensure acceptance and widespread adoption of these processes and templates, I focused on process and education roll out for economies of scale throughout. To achieve this I:

  • Sought and utilized executive-level buy in and support throughout the phased roll out
  • Stressed my ongoing desire to support the team through all of the transitions
  • Maintained an open door outlook to questions and concerns and providing rounded support, feedback and one-on-one trainings where needed
  • Created an ongoing communication plan to provide updates on the processes
  • Spearheaded and owned the lead educator role of an ongoing monthly educational forum to discuss process, concerns, best practices and successes of the team
  • Recorded and distributed the trainings internationally
  • Collected and utilized monthly survey data from educational forum participants to ensure efficient communication, subject matter understanding and to accumulate future topic requests



Through this phased roll out, I was the primary author of a processes manual, created various technical and non-technical templates and checklists for consistency and quality control, and began a monthly Marketing Educational Forum where I am the lead educator. 

The impact of this initiative on our organization has been remarkable. As a result of the educational offerings, email, landing page, form, segment and campaign templates — as well as structured process that validate the utilization of these efforts and the accuracy of assets prior to deployment — our international efforts are adhering to best practices, are consistent in voice and appearance and are ensuring that we are collecting and delivering accurate CRM data for attribution. We are seeing 100% utilization in the templates and processes, 100% of our campaigns are deploying without errors and our analysts are now able to more accurately identify marketing’s influence on revenue. Our most recent statistics indicate that marketing has influenced 141 million in closed-won revenue for our organization, whereas just a year ago, before these changes, we were unable to identify marketing’s impact on the pipeline at all. I would be delighted to chat with anyone about what I have done and how you might impart these changes for your organization as well. Please reach out to me at [email protected].

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