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Tips for Small Teams

Like the companies they support, Marketing teams come in all shapes, sizes and budget constraints.  If your team is huge with a massive budget, that's awesome! Live long and prosper! But if you find yourself on a small team or (like me) are the sole Eloqua master of your company, your role can feel daunting and difficult at times. I understand and I'm with you.  Come in to my world for some tricks for maximizing the value of a small team and digital tools that help me succeed in my role and feel less overwhelmed.

First of all, let me introduce you to my team.  Together we make up the Marketing Department for a $600 million company with three brands in the US and Canada.

Marketing Director

Marketing Specialist

Web Developer and Designer

Copywriter and Editor

Marketing Automation Specialist (that's me!)


Project Management

Project management meme.jpg

Email Development

Spam hogwarts_meme.jpg

While I know enough HTML to be dangerous, I am not the coding wizard I wish I was.  However, using an email builder platform that integrates directly with Eloqua has turned me into the Harry Potter of coding! This tool has enabled me to quickly crank out professional looking emails without access to a full-time developer. For more technical HTML questions, I often turn to W3 Schools for free tutorials in a sandbox environment.

While it's common sense that you should create templates for frequently used emails like survey requests and invitations, I'll reiterate that the practice is truly a time saver and your team will be so impressed by your speedy asset building.


Other Resources

I subscribe to a handful of thought leadership blogs on Email Marketing and I believe that Relationship One deserves special praise for their diverse topics.  When first learning how to use custom objects, for example, this post was a lifesaver.  Of course, I would be remiss to not shout out the Topliners Community for generating great content and questions alike.

I've also taken full advantage of the free resources Oracle provides including performing regular Database Health Checkups, escalating technical issues via my lovely, patient CSM, and a full campaign audit by one of their Client Services Specialists.  If you're lucky enough to have an Eloqua user group in your area, I highly recommend that you attend.  No matter if you're a clueless newbie like I was or a sure-footed master like I am now (just kidding - far from it), you will connect with other marketers to troubleshoot problems and brainstorm campaign ideas.


Dream team_meme.jpg

While we can't all have an unlimited budget, we can still provide a great marketing program by being adaptive to changing priorities and using digital aids wisely. For me, that may mean focusing less on platform-wide enhancements in exchange for getting an important Sales communication out or putting my data cleansing project on hold to help create a survey for a new product launch.

When it comes to maximizing the value of your Marketing team, be sure to leverage the skills that each individual brings to the table.  Look for opportunities to connect with other businesses in your area that are launching similar campaigns or campaigns you want to be launching in the future. Don't forget that being a small team often means you can be nimble and part of that includes having the courage to drop projects that aren't yielding results.

Now it's your turn: are you a single Eloqua user for your company?  What helps you drive the results you want to see?  What are your biggest challenges and how can the Topliners Community best support you?



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