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Scale Your Marketing Efforts with Automated Webinars

Adlemi AnguloAdlemi Angulo Posts: 1
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Marketing Challenge

A key priority for the marketing team was to improve our demand generation results by redefining our strategy to personalize and target our prospects and customers with our company offerings and solutions.

Current state documentation
At the beginning, we documented our current state, which was isolated efforts, with no big impact; we didn't understand where the leads were coming from, basically not very efficient. So, we started by defining our objective -- build a strategy that can help our team: generate awareness about our solutions, deliver high qualified leads to sales and move prospects through the sales funnel in a scaleable way.

Project Approach

We agreed that webinars was the option. It’s a great way to boost engagement with our audience, as well as creating new revenue streams and by doing a series of webinars in different languages for all the region, we could have a huge impact. The key was to have all the webinars following the same project plan, path, structure, and templates to improve delivery times.

As a team, we carry out a research of webinar’s best practices, so we can have a baseline for our metrics, by using the industry standards we were able to measure how good or bad our initiative was going.Here some of our baseline metrics:

  • Invited to Registered ~22%
  • Registered to Attended ~35%
  • Engagement (Social, Chat, Survey, Q&A) ~30%
  • On-Demand (Recorded/gated) ~ 33%
  • Webinar Lead to Opportunity ~15%

*Source 2017: https://www.on24.com/resources/assets/webinar-benchmarks-2017/

*Source 2018: https://www.on24.com/resources/assets/webinar-benchmarks-2018/?UTM_source=Blog&utm_medium=on24&utm_campaign=Benchmarks18Blog&region=USA

However, in order to deliver a good plan we worked together in several elements to ensure the quality of the deliverables:

  • Project template that includes tasks, responsible and a checklist of all the steps that have to be done in order to launch successfully a webinar
  • Calendar: a full repository of all upcoming webinars and On-Demand
  • Webinar integration: we decided to use Gotowebinar cloud app
  • Eloqua templates: Campaign canvas, Email, Landing Pages, Forms that include Social Sign-on


Example of the Campaign Canvas with all the webinar elements

  • Backup plan: What to do if something does not work as planned?
  • Webinar structure
  • Lead scoring: profile and engagement definition for each action related to webinars
  • Promotion plan: the time for the date/time sends were defined for each region/language according to best practices

Automating webinars has helped my region influence our business and scale our marketing efforts. Here are some of the results:

  • Growing 16X the numbers or registration for webinars VS last year in less than six Months
  • Including Lead scoring has helped us growth 5X the numbers of MALs and 4X the numbers of Marketing Qualified Leads
  • By now we have an attendance rate of 39%, above the industry standard, and we continue tracking our metrics to keep improving

By doing this initiative, I had the chance to remove the grunt work and allow me and my team to be more productive. As with any other marketing technique, automated webinars come with a learning curve, over the time and following the best practices, you will not notice when you master it.

Eloqua Courses
In addition to the industry best practices, I did use the content posted on Topliners related to webinars and also the content of the following Oracle University courses. I could not have done it without these courses:

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