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How to transfer CDO record value to the linked contact record

Alicia Alonso-Oracle
Alicia Alonso-Oracle Technical Account ManagerPosts: 17 Employee
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Oracle University Courses that helped me design this solution:

  • Conversion -> Integrating CDO in Program Canvas
  • Conversion -> Effective Marketing with CDO

In this article we are going to talk about a project that can be divided in two parts:

  • Transfer a value from a CDO record to the linked contact record
  • Add a new value to a contact record depending on a 3rd value on LookUp Table

Problem Description

We have physical excel file that contains the below information:



The StoreCode is updated every day via an API call to a CDO object.

This CDO object is filled out every time there is a transaction by a customer on a phisical store. Every time this happens a new CDO record is created linked and mapped to the specific contact.

We need to have both values from the excel file on the contact record depending on the last transaction the contact has done on a physical store. However this transaction and therefore the StoreCode is only stored on the CDO record.

Strategy to resolution

  • Transfer the StoreCode from the CDO record into the contact:

In order to do this we can use one of the CDO Services from the CDO Object.

We need to go under Custom Objects -> Custom Object Record Services- > New Data. We want this task to happen every time there is a new record on the CDO object.

Once here we will add a "New processing step" -> Add single processing step -> Save to Contact Table. The mapping will be as follows:


Once the configuration of the step is done, save and close the window.

  • Add a new value to a contact record depending on a 3rd value on LookUp Table:

If we were to enable the CDO service for New Data this steps will transfer the value from the CDO to the contact for a new CDO record.

We also need to save the StoreLink into the contact record, the Linkvalue value that will be stored depends on the StoreCode value on the CDO record.

In order to achieve this, create a picklist in Eloqua with the same information that on the excel file.

Go to Settings-> Database Setup -> Manage Picklists. At the top right we will select Picklist-> New Picklist and we will add the values below:


Once the new picklist is created, go to to the CDO Services-> New Data and add a new Processing Step.

The new processing Step- > Save to Contact Table will have the following configuration:


Once it is properly configured, Save and Close.

Go to the CDO Services-> Enable Custom Object Record Service.

Once the CDO service is enabled, every time there is a new CDO record created on the CDO Object, the two correct values will be saved into the contact record.

Business Results

This solution has helped one of my customers achieve their goal and get values from a CDO and from an excel file saved into the contact record as they expected.

This solution has been submitted as part of the Markies 2019


Eloqua´s engine and capabilities allows you to achieve many tasks within Eloqua without the need of using external coding programs or API updates.

You can now use those values as part of your segment, Email Content, Program or Campaign canvas to achieve your marketing goals.

Good luck!

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