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Creating the New Member Experience

Maureen S.Maureen S. Posts: 4 Red Ribbon


Prior to starting with Eloqua our non-profit membership organization did not have a marketing automation tool - we didn’t even have common marketing practices. We recruit over 200,000 new members in over 200 countries each year and did not have a way to welcome them and make them feel like a valuable part of our organization.


I was tasked with creating an automated new member experience in 13 languages that kept members engaged and gathered feedback over a course of three years. Prior to this extensive campaign, there was no follow-up with new members to ensure they were getting high-level emails regarding the benefits and resources available to them as being part of the organization.  In addition, the organization never had an automated prospective member process to funnel prospects to the correct area leaders.


With Eloqua and the luminary training courses I felt that I had the tools and knowledge to overcome this challenge for my organization. I leveraged Eloqua forms, program builder, campaign canvases and survey integrations to build the solution that automatically kicks off a three year campaign for new members.

How was this accomplished?

An Eloqua Form/Landing Page

A form was created in Eloqua and embedded on our website for people who came to our site and wanted to join. We also used this form on an Eloqua landing page for our digital marketing advertisement campaigns for new members. The luminary training helped me get these set up properly and the Prioritize & Process Conversion course showed me the steps necessary to build the form with hidden fields and to bring over the lead referral source code.


Over 100 Reports and Agents were set up in Insight to automate the weekly sending of leads to the field all over the world.   A dashboard is available for internal staff to monitor how the emails are performing in general, along with engagement by region, gender and age group.


Once the individual was officially a member


A program was developed to listen for new contacts in Eloqua, check for our defined criteria for a new member and then route the person to the correct member type and language campaign.


The Canvases

Twenty-six different campaign canvases were built each with a 3 year track.


Emails and CDOs

Within the early on emails we integrated some membership feedback questions utilizing Eloqua CDOs and our Survey Monkey integration.


To date our New Member Experience has been running for 6 months. We have had approximately 85,000 new members enter the program and campaigns. Our Membership team has been thrilled with the monthly insight reports they are receiving and are happy to finally be able to connect some of this data to our organizational goals and objectives. It also engages our new members immediately with resources that they need, instead of them getting generic message months down the road – which will affect member retention.  Without the luminary training, I do not think I would have the skills to accomplish what I did for our organization.

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