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Integrated Multi Campaign Leads Nurture with Dynamic Content Email Marketing

Integrated Multi Campaign Leads Nurture with Dynamic Content Email Marketing


Multi Campaign Lead Nurturing With Dynamic Content and Email Marketing refers to the automated process of moving a prospects from different campaigns to single campaign with one step to the next in the buying cycle, by communicating with people in timely fashion who shows interest in our product to the point at which they are engaged enough to make a purchase decision. Once prospects became a qualified leads, they will be receiving dynamic content emails with their own choice of preference criteria.

Marketing Challenges:

A lead nurturing campaign expects us to have a long term content strategy that addresses the need for a steady flow of content that can be repurposed based on a particular stage in the buying cycle. It is important that you get acquainted with your target audience’s expectations and pre purchase behavior patterns before a headlong dash into wooing them with promotional content and other offers.

Strategy Includes:

  • Content Mapping
  • Content Retargeting
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Brand Storytelling/ Brand Journalism(ERP Cloud)
  • Engagement Marketing


  • Capture a leads information from various campaign
  • Understand their preferences
  • Segment those leads in different campaigns with their preferences
  • Integrating those leads under single campaign
  • Build assets with dynamic content based on leads preferences
  • Sending dynamic content email based on provided preferences by leads
  • To achieve better target, nurturing email has been set up with the conditions of evaluation period and wait days.
  • Nurture email sending process continues until the required targeted audience is met. Once achieved the targeted audience, the nurture process completes.

Importance of Empowering Dynamic Content Email in Multi Campaign:

The goal of dynamic email content is primarily to nurture leads. The sales funnel can often stall or slow down when working on the process of moving a consumer from a cold lead to a client. This process of “warming” the lead is exactly what is accelerated by the nurturing process utilizing dynamic content in emails in multi campaign level to increase the number of qualified leads.


Why Choosing Dynamic Content Emails for Multi Campaign Canvas?

The core advantage of dynamic content over sending segmented emails is:

  • You bypass the trouble of updating your email list based on the content
  • You create separate email templates for different configurations

By having a dynamic content block in your email copy, your subscribers get the same email but the copy can have separate images, product offers, and even the call-to-actions can be modified based on their customer personas.


  • A great way to save time of a sales member or account executive
  • Sending only relevant content
  • Increased conversions
  • Rewarding the user with information that provides value
  • Incentivizing the consumer to interact again using re-marketing opportunities

Work/Data Flow proposal:

The data flow is focused on the product ERP cloud.

Dynamic Content Email Preferences:

Common Factors:

  • Demographic (Name, Age, Sex, etc.)
  • Firmographics (Organization Name, Work Address, Associated Industry, etc.)
  • Behavioral (Purchase Pattern, Response to different offers, Browser and Cart abandonments, etc.)
  • Psychographic (Lifestyle, Interests, Hobbies, etc.)

Required Factors for Multi Campaign Integration:

  • Talent Sourcing with ERP Cloud
  • ERP Cloud at Work
  • Customer Story Video
  • Request Sales Consultation

Focused Criteria Includes:

  • Topic interest
  • HR Titles
  • Tech Titles
  • Only Executive

Data Flow Diagram:


Campaign Canvas Flow:


Dynamic Content Email based on preferences and Criteria:

Analysis Report:

Operational Report of Campaign Email Statistics:

Insight Report of Campaign Email Statistics:


Impact/Reports of the Campaign:

  • Total Sends             : 152,194
  • Total Opens            :     20,716
  • Total Click Throughs :  4,084


Dynamic content personalized email proves that the user engagement level of subscriber’s increases substantially and also plays a great role in increasing user engagement with multi campaign assets.This is paramount evidence that using Integrated Multi Campaign Nurture Leads with Dynamic Content Email Marketing is a great way to boost your open and click-through rates. To an email marketer who is collecting the right data and delivering relevant content, only the sky’s the limit.

Helpful Eloqua University Resources:

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    Wonderful post, Sangeetha! Your data flow diagram, examples for dynamic content in emails, and your team's canvas workflow will surely help other marketers trying to create the perfect nurturing program. Brilliant

  • Crisp and clear explanation Sangeetha. way to go !!

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    Helpful post. Thank you for sharing.

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