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Custom Data Object – Campaign Association

Eric FiatoEric Fiato Posts: 17 Blue Ribbon
edited July 2019 in Social Groups


Build a Campaign Association Custom Data Object (CDO) to capture all form submissions for all contacts. This operates as a filing system, eliminating campaign engagement data loss.

Setting the Stage – Multi Product Buyers Journeys:

Over the last half decade, our company has seen growth in the form of acquisitions. Very quickly we shifted from a single to multi-product company through acquisition.

Non-linear buyers journeys are common today, and this means you will experience an increased frequency and velocity of parallel activity consumption. Your MAP and CRM need to be prepared to capture and report on each touch point across multiple journeys in a multi-product demand funnel.

Marketing Challenge:

Our existing technical setup with beginning to show wear and it was time we addressed some of the most important challenges, one of which is accurate campaign tracking.

The single biggest challenge was our 2-hour sync which would mean only the last activity on the Contact record was written to SFDC. This results in a loss of critical data affecting engagement metrics and ultimately negatively impacting our Campaign ROI.

Strategy Includes:

  • Custom Data Object
  • Buyers journey
  • Multi-product demand funnel
  • Campaign Association
  • Campaign ROI


  • Capture and memorialize 100% of form submissions
  • Ability to perform advanced segmentation on Form Submission data
  • Eliminate campaign status overwrite issue
  • Improve sync speed


  • Centralized database and processing for all form submits
  • CDO triggers unique sync for each new record!
  • Replaces the unreliable failsafe (briefcase step)
  • Enables Multi-product Form Submission tracking
  • Enables us to build complex campaigns leveraging past form submission data

Custom Data Object Record & Fields


Processing Step: Update Custom Data Object – With Form Data


Form Submission CDO Work Flow:



  1. Sync Speed
    1. Down from 2 hours to 7 minutes!
    2. Improved contact engagement visibility to field sales
  2. Accuracy
    1. Reduced error incidents reported by 90%
    2. New campaign response audit
    3. Program safety timer and feedback loop
  3. Reliably
    1. Solved campaign member status overwrite issue
    2. Improved operation efficiency
  4. Scalability
    1. Supported on all forms
    2. Future proof
  5. Advanced Segmentation
    1. 141,479 new records created
    2. We can now do advanced segmentation based on Form field data


With the launch of the campaign association CDO we have greatly improved our operational efficiency enabling us to better track our Campaign ROI. Every form submission is now memorialized with a new CDO record being created for each form submission. Another important milestone is we now have the ability to build custom segmentation based on field values from the actual form submission itself. Incredibly powerful! This has been instrumental as we create increasingly complex campaigns that require us to rely on form submission data.

Helpful Eloqua University Resources:



  • Eric FiatoEric Fiato Posts: 17 Blue Ribbon

    This solution was developed to solve for the challenge of missing campaign attribution A.K.A. the "Briefcase Step"

  • ychappellychappell Posts: 10 Blue Ribbon

    This solution was developed to solve for the challenge of missing campaign attribution A.K.A. the "Briefcase Step"

    Could you provide more details on how to implement the workflow from CDO records to call sfdc campaign association multiple times? I have everything setup (forms saving cdo records per contact, CDO keeping all campaigns per contact) however I don't see how to implement a "loop" to go through all cdo records associated to a contact and use the external call to associate the contact to each campaign.

    Any insights would be helpful. Thank you,


  • Eric FiatoEric Fiato Posts: 17 Blue Ribbon

    Hi Yesenia, the workflow here is key and in our case, the CDO actually creates a new CDO record with each form submission. Therefore I don't know if I'd consider this a loop, but rather a sync with SFDC using the 18 Digit SFDC Contact ID and the unique identifier.

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