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Enhancing the global recruiter: Event campaigns and management

AbbyKAbbyK Posts: 6 Red Ribbon
edited October 2019 in Social Groups

Marketing challenge

Our challenge is to find a process to create a streamlined event journey cycle for any event campaigns that can be executed seamlessly by Eloqua recruiters that host multiple events across the globe.


The goal is to use Eloqua to track, manage, and create event campaigns. The event campaign will:

  • Sync data and capture contacts from our CRM to Eloqua
  • track contacts throughout the campaign at different stages – invited, registered, attended
  • create automated emails to be associated with the event – event reminders, notifications, and thank you
  • Increase registration, attendance, and awareness

The solution

  • To automate this process, we took the following steps:
    1. Built a multi-step event campaign template
    2. Use ‘Add to Program Builder’ to sync campaign members to our CRM
    3. Use the ‘Wait’ step to trigger automated email notifications and reminders
    4. Use ‘External Activity’ to update the status of the contact to your CRM
    5. Create event templates to be associated with the campaign
  • The multi-step event template can be used for any type of event. Having the template can also allow users to customize when reminders and notifications should be sent to their contacts according to when their events will occur
  • We created a guideline and trained our Eloqua recruiters on how to use a multi-step campaign
  • It took a few weeks for everyone to understand the process, once we did a few test runs and held training sessions, the recruiters were able to use this strategy to increase event registrants, awareness, participation, and engagement

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 3.48.12 PM.png


Having this multi-step event template has efficiently cut down time and saved manual work process that users otherwise would have to do each time they want to promote an event. By creating segment member lists, we were able to target different audience members that would be interested in attending our events. We also measured the success of the events by analyzing the email metrics, by promoting the event and sending out email reminders, more guests were registering to the events.

Having standardized process minimized user errors and it also made trouble shooting easier to identify, as we were able to find which step we got errors or got stuck on.

Having a solid foundation for event campaigns helped our team promote events across the globe, contacts were able to receive reminders at the right time (as we had contacts from all different time zones), and we were able to measure and track the stages of each contact during their event journey. it made a positive impact on the guests as they were getting proper notifications and communications.


Currently we are using another platform to host our events, moving forward I think it would be more beneficial to use the forms in Eloqua so that it can be integrated into the multi-step campaign. We’d also like to be able to use the social sign on app for event registrations.

Resources use

Fundamentals of the Campaign Canvas

Measuring email deliverability

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