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Uzma Yusuff: Strategic Eloqua Omni Channel Campaign implementation on Event A held in Abu Dhabi 2019

Uzma YusuffUzma Yusuff Posts: 1 Red Ribbon
edited October 2019 in Social Groups

Title: Strategic Eloqua Omni Channel Campaign implementation on Event A held in Abu Dhabi 2019

Goal: To acquire new customers, drive registrations and onsite conversions with increase in customer satisfaction (NPS – Net promoting Score)

Course: Oracle B2B

Benchmark: Increase in Event A Net Promoter Score with +20


No matter the increase of online pre-registered visitors if we are not able to bring them on the show floor. Our focuses efforts were to build Omni Channel campaigns with strategic content and data driven approach using 7 behaviours and sector/feature interests from pre-registration and survey data.

After analysis of 2017 and 2018 results, and following the critical situation we were into for Event A 2019 reaching -30% on pre-reg visitors one month prior the event, we decided to set up a task force meeting daily, first to go back to growth for pre-reg, and also to focus on conversion to make sure visitors will come to the event.

With Eloqua being a master tool for marketing automation, we are able to track customer interaction and behavior alongside a complete visitor cycle with 360o insight. To scope with our existing database structure with its complexity, we were successfully able to deploy the Campaigns – Newsletter, Acquisition, Retention, and Conversion, along with theses campaigns we also implement other features as below:

   1. “Eloqua Forms” for Lead generation –Eloqua forms into website to acquire new leads and have them to drive straight into the Acquisition campaigns based on the sector of interest (segmented).

       Eloqua Feature used: ELOQUA FORMS

  2. “LinkedIn Acquisition Campaigns” – Omni channel approach to be able to target the customer over different channel like LinkedIn

         Eloqua Feature used: LINKEDIN APP

3. “Gleaning Dashboard” – an innovation with conversion campaigns to be able to generate new leads via social connections.

       Eloqua Feature used: CDO Field Merge

      Gleanin is a referral-marketing platform designed to facilitate high-value social connections across the entire event registration experience and when integrated with Eloqua conversion campaigns, it has increased the possibility to reaching to new leads and achieved conversion          rate of 1.86%  with only just 2 email campaigns.

4. Data driven content strategy approach” – using 7 behaviors and sector/feature interests  

       The content for the conversion campaigns has been driven from the registration data, where the visitors have expressed their interest and main visit objective (7 behavior) – The right content to the right audience.


Visitors who have shown interest in the paid conferences were directed to upsell Eloqua campaign.

In the online registration form, one the key question is the 7 behaviors which defines the purpose of the visitors to attend the show and the content for conversion campaign is based on it. For eg. If visitors choose “Gather industry knowledge and learnings through talks or presentations”, then the content was more focused on forums, conference and industry insights.                                          

In the online form, they have to chose their main sector as well, for ex water, waste, energy, etc. This info has been taken into consideration to segment conversion campaigns, and highlight specific exhibitors/products from the sector, in addition to forum specific content.


5. “Omni Channel approach”

The campaigns were launched across all channels, SMS, social media and email campaigns along with website updates. This created a story and synchronization across all channels.

For email campaigns, integration has been done between Info Salons and Eloqua, to push the pre-registered visitors in conversion campaigns automatically, already split across the 6 main sectors of the event.



Event A 2019 has delivered proven results with 51.45% of conversion rate, online (pre-reg & online registrations during the event days) to onsite attendees with growth of 8.25 pts compare to last edition (already 12 pts higher in 2018 versus 2017, so constant progression in 3 editions).

As a final impact, the combination of targeted acquisition campaigns with targeted and data driven conversion campaigns, Omni channel approach,  all driven by data and analysis, led to more visitors onsite and better quality of visitors, with a direct impact on exhibitor NPS, as EVENT A jumped from -1 to +22 as a cluster.

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