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Email Strategy - Testing Email Effectiveness

Monica McDuffieMonica McDuffie Posts: 2
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In my current role as a Marketing Specialist, I work with a team that focuses on Product Alerts, Newsletters, Webinars, Events and Nurture campaigns. We work in a fast-past industry that is ever changing and we strive to be on the forefront of the newest strategy.

The Challenge

By looking for new strategies to test my campaign effectiveness, I stumbled upon A/B testing in topliners from people similar to me; looking for answers to simple questions, like these:

  1. What is the best time to send out a post event email?
  2. What time of day do people consume your newsletter most?
  3. If  the majority of time your customers open your emails on Desktop vs. Mobile view, which view should you make sure the email displays best in?

I wanted to focus on changing our mind from “I think” to “I know” by testing out different techniques for our email campaigns. One set of emails we send out often are for events. Now these events can be small trade shows that we have a booth at or a larger event that we may be sponsoring.

My company typically sends 3 email touches for the smaller events. This consists of:

  • Pre-Show Email
  • Day of Event Email
  • Post Show Email

I decided to run a test to see if sending out the post show email 3 days after an event vs. sending it a week after the event makes a difference in overall email performance.  In reality, I want to know if waiting for the event sponsor to send out the post show list is worth the wait, or if I should just use the scrubbed list from the pre-show send because it is just as efficient.


My hypothesis is that sending the email out 3 days post event, will gain more traction and overall better email stats than sending it out 1 week later when we have the post event list.

In my mind, if we wait over a week to send a post show email, our customers/prospects will no longer make us a top priority because of the amount of time that had passed. Maybe they are going to another event next week and they forgot that they even stopped by our booth because we didn’t reach out to them sooner. Or maybe the post show list from the sponsored event didn’t have a large increase of contacts vs. the pre-show list making the delay in our email send pointless.

Below are a few of our mobile friendly event emails I am A/B testing.



After testing out my hypothesis, I found that sending out post show communications 3 days or less after an event yields a higher unique open and unique clickthrough rate than if I were to send a post-show email out 1 week or more following the event.

I went through the list of event campaigns and found the ones that were sent 3 days post event vs. 1 week post event. I then grabbed the average of the unique open rate and unique clickthrough rate to get total average of each test.


By having a higher clickthrough rate, we have a potential to increase the number of demo requests which increases our chance to a potential sale. After finding out that the post-show email sent 3 days after yielded better, I thought of a few more things I could potentially test in the future. Such as:

  • Testing the length of post show email copy
  • Testing a text hyperlink vs a CTA button
  • Testing a logo vs imagery

Key Take-Away

Marketing your company is customizable to your needs. Just remember the strategy for your company may not be the same strategy for another. When seeing a result of an A/B test, don’t assume that it will work the same way for your company. You may have a different structure, or target audience.

The best thing to do, is test it out for yourself and see if this to will help you in your future event campaigns like it has helped mine.

Helpful Resources & Courses

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