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Monitoring segment counts using Insight reports

User_UX120User_UX120 Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

We were looking for a solution for reporting the number of contacts qualifying for a given segment, and for monitoring segment growth over time.

The ‘Fundamentals of Segmentation’ ‘Program Canvas’ and ‘Insight - Advanced Criteria Functions’ were used to formulate a solution to this problem.

The solution chosen was to use a Program to write to the Contact Record—using the Program ‘Update Rules’ function.

Program canvas.jpg

Because the segmentation criteria are dynamic, meaning a contact can qualify for (or get disqualified from) the segment at any time, we had to re-evaluate the segment result regularly.  The ‘Re-evaluation Frequency’ setting on the segment icon in the Program was set to ‘1 Day(s)’ to achieve this.


Each contact should be updated using with either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ value for the segment, at each re-evaluation.

To ensure all contacts receive a value of either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, we created 2 versions of the segment;

  1. The ‘Engagement last 6 months’ segment was set up using Shared Filters.
  2. The ‘NO Engagement last 6 months’ is a version of the above the segment, using the same Shared Filters, but in this segment the Shared Filters are set as ‘exclude’ criteria. This segment has only one ‘include’ criteria which is ALL contacts in the database (email address not blank).

In this way, the ‘NO Engagement Last 6 months’ segment becomes the opposite of the ‘Engagement Last 6 months’ segment, and ALL contacts in the database receive either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ value.  Per the Eloqua Masters course, Shared Filters should be used with caution, because any update to a Shared Filter is reflected in every segment the filter is used, but in this case that is exactly the intention—changes to the criteria are reflected in both the ‘Engagement Last 6 months’ and ‘NO Engagement Last 6 months’ segments, at the same time.

Insight can be used to report on the custom field on the contact record. Custom fields can be found in the Contact / Attributes / Contact Custom Text subject area.

Insight report.jpg

Insight reports can be scheduled to run, for example monthly, and the result can be plotted over time.  This solution allows us to monitor growth of the segment over time.

In addition, having a single field on the contact record that reflects the multiple and complex segmentation criteria, means that building permutations and combinations of the original segment—segmenting using the custom field instead—is quick and easy.

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