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Integrate Inbound Cost Per Lead Program and Outbound nurturing flow into and ABM and new logo growth

2 years ago, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise defined a new strategy call Vision 2020 aiming to position the company as an impactful B2B IT player in Industries such as Education, Transportation, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Local Government. The marketing team was reorganized around  Vertical program including the design of contents and the definition of Demand Gen Programs. Meanwhile the sales organization had a strong target to address new logos.

While many marketers believe that Inbound and Outbound are two different approaches we believed that it made for the sense to work into a single and consistent stream integrating Contents Syndication, retargeting and Outbound integration.

The marketing stack we are using is ELOQUA for marketing automation, Sitecore as CMS, Salesforce as CRM, Sales Navigator as sale support synced with ELOQUA and Salesforce and LinkedIn insights and Facebook pixel for targeting and Leadforensic when and where regulation authorized to use it.

The phase I of the operation was to build the list of accounts to build our ABM Strategy we wanted to target with Sales Leaders. Then we mapped the contents we built with the account list and worked with an agency to start the Cost Per Lead program based on Intent data mechanism and account mapping to make sure that our prospects will be in contact with our contents.

The phase II was to integrate the leads from the publisher and to integrate them into a specific nurturing stream. One of the major benefits of Oracle Eloqua is that rather than requiring an ABM module or add-on to the core solution, the capabilities to work with an ABM strategy are built natively within the tool.

The leads were integrated into ELOQUA by using Converter application and then we used the external activity ELOQUA module providing records of outbound and inbound activity data that are not natively tracked by the platform. Oracle Eloqua will automatically track certain activity that it manages, including email sends, email opens, email click-throughs, form submissions website visits. External Activities show up in Profiler.


Then we build the workflow to discriminate the leads depending on their languages (English, German and French), the topic of the contents they consumed and the stage of the buying cycle to enter them into existing Outbound campaigns linked to Mobility, IoT and Cloud for vertical. They were redirected to 8 Outbound campaign.

To elaborate this campaign we used the Oracle ELOQUA B2B Modules and the Oracle ELOQUA AppClouds.


What we learned during this campaign is really how to build a bridge between CPL and Outbound initiative leveraging multiple skillsets.

As per the results we had 2000 leads on CPL and we converted 30% in opportunity. The click rate and open rate doubled compared to industry benchmark as we used a specific targeted approach.


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