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Lead Generation and Thought Leadership Event Campaign

AgneAgne Posts: 1
edited November 2019 in Social Groups

The marketing challenge:

I have been working on the company Customer Thought Leadership Event that had a lot of visibility due to company leadership team attending it in Oxford, UK this year. The event target set for the customer event was 50 MQLs and prospect attendees from the Key Target Accounts. I knew that hitting this number or higher would considered to be success.  At the end of the campaign, we have achieved 80 MQLs and 8 marketing influenced opportunities.

The campaign steps and things we have done differently:

Advanced Segmentation: Focusing on the key Targeted Accounts and levering the Account Attributes segmentation available in Eloqua. We knew that the event content will be relevant to technical and business audience, so we have used the job function, job title and job level fields to invite these relevant audiences and our key personas for the UK and Ireland since the event took place in Oxford, UK. In addition to this, we have used event and behavioral specific segmentation to invite the folks who have attended the event within the last 3 years to increase the likelihood of hitting the event attendance goals and generating MQLs.

Campaign Tactics:

We have set the 5 email touch campaign that included the key touches such as save-the-date, email invites and Thank you and Missed you email.  Our campaign included the marketing segment that was pushed through SFDC via the Sales Campaign Association app to the campaign in SFDC for the sales guys to add and remove campaign members. This way the sales reps have added the valuable contacts as well.  After each email invite, we have used Eloqua External activity loops to register the external activities ( registration touches in SFDC) and the evaluation steps in Eloqua to check if people have registered to the event or not to make sure we only email to the people who have not registered to the event before. We followed email best practices to improve the email engagement rates and form submissions – such as CTA above the fold, short and concise emails that looks good on the mobile, personalization with the field merge in the email copy and subject line. We have set up a beautiful multi-tab landing page in Eloqua where we promoted our compelling event content. The campaign canvas example. Please note that the campaign sensitive data has been hidden:


The Eloqua courses that have helped me to improve my knowledge in Eloqua and have contributed to the campaign success are as follows:

Eloqua Luminary Profile & Target, Engage & Enrich courses.

All the stakeholders involved have been very pleased with the campaign results and event success.

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