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Contact program to "Trim and proper case" the new contact "First Name"

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The challenge and the initiative:

As a Data Analyst, we used to receive a lot of cleansing projects to clean up Eloqua database. One of the them was we used to extract the new contacts which was recently created, and we used to distribute the data file amongst the team and clean up more than lakhs together contacts manually by performing a prep work on to excel sheet and reuploading the same on contacts upload. It used to consume lot of time, get confused, excel was getting crashed. After going through the luminary session. We thought of using the contact washing machine app program and performed a test. The test was successful.

Goals and success?

The goal is to use the Eloqua and keep the contact database up to date and tidy.

Campaign plan and step by step implementation:

What is a contact washing machine?

The Contact Washing Machine enables cleansing of contact fields. You will be able to define one or more contact fields as inputs, then run actions such as trim, concatenate, adjust case (proper case or lowercase), and perform lookups to populate fields. The data can then be mapped back to that same field or a separate field. Keeping data clean improves the accuracy of scoring, segmentation, and personalization.

What is a contact program?

An automated workflow that modifies and organize your contacts. Contacts programs can help accomplish in a wide range of goals

  1. Lead scoring
  2. Nurturing
  3. Data Cleansing
  4. CRM Integrations

Using the canvas, we can build highly customized program steps

Below are the 3 major steps involved to run a canvas

  1. Data source steps
  2. Evaluated by decision steps
  3. Processed by action steps

Programs canvas also supports cloud apps and sync to an external system and keep your data up to date.

Create a basic data normalizing program using contact washing machine. It’s a free app available on the oracle cloud market place. Normalizing the data can result in clear and more accurate record.

When configuring the Contact Washing Machine app on the campaign canvas and program canvas, you can select up to seven actions to perform on the source field. The following table outlines their purpose and provides examples.




Removes all white space.

Trim Left

Removes white space to the left of the text.

Trim Right

Removes white space to the right of the text.


Turns all letters to lowercase.


Turns all letters to uppercase.

Proper case

Capitalizes the first letter of each word.


Builds up a string of text from static values and Eloqua contact fields and places it into the destination field. Press Ctrl + Space to view the list of available static and contact fields.

Below is the example of trimming and changing the First Name to proper case

In order to achieve the goal, the below steps has to be followed:

  1. Go to orchestration --> Click on the program--> Create a contact program and select create a blank program and choose




On the right-hand side click on  and update the name and description


All canvas requires at least one data source

A listener is a powerful tool that listens for the change in your database and reacts immediately.

Drag and drop the listener component on to the program and save the changes.


Double click on the listener icon and click on the sign and select contact creation. With this setting, the listeners will pull the contacts into the program as soon as it is created in Eloqua.

Add the decision steps to evaluate the program drag and drop compare contact fields. Rename the step name and select the “First Name” in evaluate contacts whose and

Set the step to check the filed to blank

If the field is blank the contact will be a move to the “Yes” path

If the field is not blank the contact will be sent to “No” path


Drag the contact washing machine on to canvas

Rename the steps and then click on the edit icon and open the cloud configuration window.

You can use the washing machine to perform the range of action depending on different criteria.

We will capitalize and trim the data record for each contact to keep it tidy and accurate

Under source select the first name as washing machine target field.

Select a proper case and add trim as well

Under destination add the first name and save the changes.

Connect all the components and activate the canvas.

All the new contacts added will be cleansed accordingly.



How has this campaign impacted our business?

We saved a lot of time and gave us the opportunity to focus on other channels, and minimize the manual work and reduce the potential mistakes and the data was clean and accurate.

What we achieved?

Our client was very happy We received many projects.

Improved speed-to-lead time by using CRM cloud apps for integration instead of external calls.

Maintain a cleaner contact database by easily integrating the Contact Washing Machine app with your programs.

A new listener architecture that triggers program actions in real-time based on lead score changes or new contact creation.

Integration with the Oracle Marketing AppCloud so it can easily sync data from external systems with Oracle Eloqua.

An improved user interface, making it easier to quickly build your programs.

B2B Masters; B2B Luminary.

Thank you!

Happy Learning!

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