How Does STO Adjust to the "New Normal"

Albert K. Lee-Oracle
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The world has changed dramatically in the past few weeks.  Your customers' behaviors are not the same as they used to be and the times they engage with their emails may now be different.  How does the Oracle Responsys Send Time Optimization (STO) feature adjust to this "New Normal"?

  1. STO determines the optimal send times for each user by identifying patterns in their behaviors.  If a user suddenly responds one time to an email on Monday at 7am instead of 9am like they've been doing regularly in the past, STO will not change their optimal send time to 7am.  However, if STO notices the user is responding to emails on Monday at 7am consistently, it'll will adjust the optimal send time as it sees fit.
  2. STO puts more weight in recent response data. If a user has been responding to emails on Tuesday at 10am for the past 2 years, but they have been responding at 8am in the past 2 weeks, the data from the past 2 weeks will have a stronger influence in what STO will determine as the optimal send time for Tuesday.
  3. STO updates optimal send times on a daily basis. If STO identifies a new pattern of behavior for a user, it will react and update the optimal send time(s) quickly.

Using STO, you can be assured that optimal send times are adjusting to the ever-changing habits of your audience.

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