Converting Leavers into Buyers using Exit Intent Messaging

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In the current climate where competition outstrips demand it’s never been more important to convert every single customer. Once a user lands on your site it is imperative that you use every tactic possible to see them through to purchase.

One of these tricks is Exit Intent Messaging (EIM).  Its main function is to prevent the users that you’ve worked so hard to acquire, from leaving the site and to encourage them to complete a purchase.

So what does EIM look like?

AB and MVT testing to date suggests that the most effective method of messaging is to display a lightbox or overlay that is presented either when a user moves their cursor towards the top of the screen, suggesting they’re going to close the page/change tabs, or after the user has been idle on the page for a short period of time.  Our tests have shown 15 seconds to be the optimal idle time so as not to annoy users and create a pain point.

The main objective is to grab the users’ attention. When you have it, focus it on one or two exceptional reasons for them to purchase and provide users with that final reason they need to take the leap of faith.

Where do you place your Messaging?

The placement of your EIM is a particularly important consideration because the content needs to be targeted according to how far each user is along their purchase journey.

A user who is new to the site and has only been on one product page is likely to be in a very different mind-set to a regular visitor who has three products in their basket and has just entered the checkout so it’s vital that you tailor your content accordingly.

Consider also where the users are in their psychological purchase journey. For example, users who are in a research phase need to be convinced that the product is right for them. Whereas users who know what they want just need to be convinced to buy from you rather than a competitor.

With this in mind, the Basket page is the perfect place to start as all users on this page will have exerted a similar time/effort and are only a couple of steps away from purchase.

Other EIM to improve CR and User Experience

Here’s a few example of EIM that can be used not only to improve conversion rates but to improve user experience:

Ask a simple question


Include a progress bar


Provide an offer


Urgency messaging


Cross sell


Live chat


Collect email addresses


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