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edited November 2020 in Eloqua System Status

Eloqua will now use this blog within Topliners as another means of notifying our customers when there are known product or network issues. These posts are visible to everyone, even unregistered visitors to Topliners. To be proactively notified of new posts use one or both of these options:

  1. Subscribe to the RSS feed using your RSS reader/aggregator: https://community.oracle.com/topliners/categories/eloqua-system-status/feed.rss
  2. Receive email notifications of new posts(must be a registered, logged-in user of Topliners):
    • Click the Follow button on the main page of the Blog [https://community.oracle.com/topliners/categories/eloqua-system-status]
    • Select the desired Activity Stream for Following the Blog
    • Click the circle next to your name in the upper right and select Edit Profile
    • Under Notification Preferences, turn on email notifications for your desired Activity Stream.

        For further assistance check out

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