Advisory: Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 / POD 1

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Advisory Alert: Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Some Eloqua users are getting intermittent bootstrap error on login using Firefox.

Our Development Team is currently working to address this issue; however no ETA for full resolution is currently available. The next update will be on Thursday, January 29th at 10:00 am EST (UTC -5)

Should you require more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact our Support specialists.



Thursday, January 29th, 10:00 am EST (UTC -5)

Our Development Team continues to investigate this incident. The next update will be at approximately 4:00 pm EST (UTC-5)



Thursday, January 29th, 4:00 pm EST (UTC -5)

Our Development Team continues to aggressively work on resolving this incident. We are unable to provide an ETA but the next scheduled update will be on Friday, January 30th at 10:00 am EST (UTC -5)



Monday, February 2nd, 3:45 pm EST (UTC -5)

Our Development Team has resolved this incident.

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