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With Salesforce.com’s Winter 2014 release, we are seeing incidents with authentication. More specifically, the incident appears to only affect customers who have configured Eloqua to use Salesforce as its identity provider, and who have configured Salesforce to use an external system as its identity provider, chaining authentication from one system to the next:

Eloqua -> Salesforce -> (an external identity provider)

In this configuration, Eloqua will ask Salesforce to authenticate the user, and Salesforce will in turn ask the external identity provider to authenticate the user. The point of failure appears to be in the communication between Salesforce and the external identity provider.

If you are affected by this incident, please contact our Support Team and we will  work with you on next steps.



Wednesday, October 18th, 5:40 pm EDT (UTC -4)

We have worked with all our clients regarding this incident on path to resolutions. This is now considered resolved.

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