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We are currently experiencing an incident where campaigns or segments are taking an inordinate amount of time to either save or be refreshed. Our Production Team is working with our Development Team on investigating this incident. At this time we cannot offer an ETA, but the next scheduled update will be around 10 am EDT.

To determine if you are on Pod1:

Log into Eloqua as you normally do

Look at the browser URL once you are logged in

Pod1 URL has the following format - www.secure.eloqua.com/...  (note:  no number included in URL)



Wednesday, October 18th, 9:34 am EDT (UTC -4)

Our Production Team is still investigating the issue and the next scheduled update will be around 10.30 am EDT.



Wednesday, October 18th, 10:15 am EDT (UTC -4)

We have identified that assets are being saved, however there is still an issue with the Eloqua Application refreshing by itself. As a workaround, we recommend you re-open your assets affected to get an updated count. For example, on a newly created Segment, close out the segment and re-open it back, you should then see an update count. The Development Team has been contacted and were working towards a resolution. We are still not able to give an ETA, but the next scheduled update will be around 12 pm EDT.



Wednesday, October 18th, 10:59 am EDT (UTC -4)

After analysis by our support teams, it was determined that the incident was the result of a software bug of an Oracle Program. Information related to the incident has been passed on to our Product Engineering team. Once Product Engineering confirms they have a resolution to the issue, it will be deployed to the applicable Oracle Programs for your Eloqua service. No ETA for resolution is available at this time. Oracle is also reviewing the monitoring, alerting and standard operating procedures related to the incident. After these reviews are completed, additional appropriate corrective actions identified during the reviews will be taken, including deployment of the appropriate patch or release when available.

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