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Green / Eloqua Insight Inaccessible / POD 1 Clients / RESOLVED

Anirude-Oracle Posts: 118 Employee
edited Nov 13, 2013 10:37PM in Eloqua System Status

Our Production Team is currently investigating an incident where POD 1 clients are unable to access Eloqua Insight.

To determine if you are on Pod1:

Log into Eloqua as you normally would.

Look at the browser URL once you are logged in.

Pod1 URL has the following format -  (note:  no number included in URL).



Wednesday, November 13th, 10:23 pm EST (UTC -5)

The Eloqua Services has been restored as of 10:16 pm EST (UTC-5).



Wednesday, November 13th, 10:36 pm EST (UTC -5)

After analysis by our support teams, the root cause of the incident was not determined.  At this time, production use of your Eloqua service has been restored.  Oracle is reviewing the monitoring, alerting and standard operating procedures related to the incident.  After these reviews are completed, additional appropriate corrective actions identified during the reviews will be taken.

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