GREEN / BULK API Unresponsive / POD 1 & 2 Clients / RESOLVED

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Our Cloud Operations Team is currently investigating an incident where the Bulk API services for POD 1 and 2 clients are not working. At this time, we are unable to provide an ETA, but the next scheduled update will be around 6:00 pm EDT (UTC-4) today.


***Update: 5:59 PM EDT (UTC-4)***

This incident was resolved at 5:38 PM EDT (UTC-4). After analysis by our support teams, it was determined that the incident resulted from a hardware issue. The hardware identified as faulty has been replaced and production use of your Eloqua service restored. Oracle is also reviewing the monitoring, alerting and standard operating procedures related to the incident. After these reviews are completed, additional appropriate corrective actions identified during the reviews will be taken.


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