Forms Should Be Working During Maintenance / Releases: Redundancy, High Availability

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Oracle is doing great with the regular maintenance and improvements. However the downtime is more and more during the day (E.g.: Sunday 5 AM to 5 PM ET). A peak time for users to browse and go on the website.

As primarily a lead generation tool, there should be redundancy and have during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance:

  • Landing pages displaying
  • Forms displaying and processing
  • Emails from form processing steps being sent
  • Programs and campaigns being maybe slowed down or paused
  • Web data lookups working
  • All going through Content Delivery Networks

Downtime in forms undermines Eloqua's credibility as an enterprise solution.

Please feel free to add as well!

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  • During maintenance form submission data is cached, then processing steps executed when maintenance is complete. The ability to display landing pages is dependent on if they're also updating landing page components during the maintenance window. 100% agreed that it's not ideal, but just wanted to say that it's not all that bad. Also, the "Sunday 5 AM to 5 PM ET" does not refer to the total down time, it's simply a window during which your instance MAY be down for seconds or minutes. This is because each instance is updated sequentially before moving along to the next server or client instance.

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