2 Column Forms

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The Dream: 2 Column Forms

I have a dream, that one day we will be able to create 2 or more column forms within Eloqua, without the need for workaround CSS.

The Rough Idea:

User goes to "Settings", selects number of columns they desire.


Columns then show up on the editor. Bam. 2 Columns. Just like that.


The Implementation:

Well that is up to you Oracle.

Thanks for considering this. Hopefully this becomes a thing!

Only time and your vote can make a difference!

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  • Wren Ludlow-OracleWren Ludlow-Oracle Posts: 57 Employee

    Today you can create multiple column forms with two column or three column custom field groups. We're also working on a new forms editor that would make it easier to create up to four columns with a drag and drop experience similar to the new email editor. Early preview for that experience will be early 2019.

    Wren Ludlow

    Oracle Product Management

  • Great idea, excited to experience it.



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