Pass locked attributes and responsive code on templates from Eloqua 10 to Engage

Jill Henry
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Currently, if you create a template in Eloqua 10 that contains locked attributes (headers, logos, images etc), when you access that template in Engage those attributes are no longer locked.  This is incredibly inconvenient when trying to create standardized templates for sales reps to use.   Additionally, there should be a way to ensure that the edits they make do not break the responsive code in the template.

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  • jennikf
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    I have been on the search for an answer to this very question, hoping it will be answered in a future release. Our sales reps are getting quite creative "editing" Responsive engage templates and breaking code in some instances, causing send errors not to mention really bad reformatting. Any help on locking this content down would be greatly appreciated!

  • Douglas Bowen-Oracle
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    Hi Jill,
    Thanks for voicing this concern; this is a need voiced by many of our customers. This problem of not locking down attributes in Engage that were locked down in Eloqua 10 has now been solved in the new Responsive Engage. If you don't currently have access to Responsive Engage but would like to make the transition from Classic Engage, please reach out to your Oracle contact and they'll get the ball rolling for you. If you find this issue still occurring in Responsive Engage, please file a bug with Support and we will work to quickly resolve it.

    Hope this helps!


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