BULK API endpoint for delete contacts

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Delete Eloqua Contacts via Bulk API

Such an endpoint would also be really helpful in custom integration scenarios.

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  • jecolema
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    To bring this one to the top again:

    We currently have an automation solution in place using Python for contact deletion. It uses Bulk API to export the segment/filter/list of contacts to delete, then uses REST to delete said contacts one at a time. This is both slow, and it uses up a portion of our REST call limit.

    Bulk Delete functionality would allow us to bypass this.

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    Now with GDPR in place I think there is more need than ever to have the possibility to delete contacts and CDO records via Bulk API.

  • 2869931
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    Commenting again!

    Business case for this change: We need to be able to set up business rules to regularly delete contacts from our Eloqua instance in order to remain under our contracted limit. Rather than using up people resources to maintain this process, we want to be able to automate this deletion process; essentially have it running in the background. In order to really accomplish this automation and have it be as effective as possible, we need to be able to delete contacts through the bulk api.

    @catherine.mears If you still need to accomplish this automatic deletion of Contacts (and only Contacts) then you can also use a different solution, via SFTP Import and Export.

  • claudiazoglmann
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    @Lou Patrick

    Highlighting this again.

    Are there any plans to introduce such endpoint? It's one of our showstoppers for migration from native Salesforce integration to the App.


  • Lou Patrick
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    @claudiazoglmann Adding bulk delete is not currently planned at this time. Thanks for letting us know this is a showstopper for app migration.

    CC @Nathan Nemirovski-Oracle

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