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An Eloqua Mobile App

derek.bell Posts: 54 Silver Badge
edited March 2017 in Dream It

I've been an Eloqua user for 10+ years, I've seen a lot of change, but one area that is seriously lacking is a mobile app. I use MailChimp with a NFP I volunteer with and for about AU$60 a month i use their mobile app, a free inclusion with a MailChimp subscription.


It's great. The current Eloqua "Campaign Manager" app is largely useless. I think it's only function is to deactivate a campaign. It's shows "recent" campaigns and a start and end date. "Recent" includes Active and Draft campaigns. I can search for all campaigns. I can also activate a completed campaign, not sure why considering Eloqua won't send the same email to the same person twice! Not an overwhelming list of features.

The MailChimp app lets me:

  • activate a campaign (not build one, just activate one)
  • reporting, all the usual stats plus look at who has opened, clicked etc.
  • share the report via email, the report is embedded into the email and can be sent to anyone
  • review lists, probably not as critical for Eloqua. The MailChimp list function drives me nuts.
  • The dasboard gives a good overview of database size and average campaign performance
  • and more. 

When can we expect a real Eloqua campaign app?

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