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Hi Topliners,

Versioning in Eloqua is an afterthought, and keeping track of changes can prove difficult.

For campaign canvases, leaving steps around can work as breadcrumbs, but only so much, as canvases gets quickly crowded and space is limited.

I'd like to be able to drop notes on the campaign canvas to keep track of why certain steps are set up a certain way, and to keep track of changes throughout setup, but also after first activation.
(This, should not be handled by making successive copies of a working canvas. No no.)

This would be helpful for one's own reference, and for other team members that may need access to other team members' assets.

This could live as sticky notes that could be toggled in and out of view, or companion step icons, similar to Forms in Email steps.

But given rendering limitations, a notepad-style side menu would work just as well.

What do you think?



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