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[ENGAGE] ‘Disable’ feature and Folders for Engage emails

Vera.Kavars Posts: 2 Red Ribbon
edited February 2018 in Dream It

Current Issue:

Right now, to enable an email for Engage you simply assign the email group you use for Engage to the email you want to make available. Once the email has an email group assigned, you cannot change the email group, so the email will be forever available in Engage.

The only way to currently make an email ‘disappear’ from Engage is deleting the email, which brings a new set of problems with reporting.

In companies with high volume emails (multiple sales teams, multiple regions/languages, many emails created to support local events and campaigns), email management becomes high priority. We need a way to group emails (=folders) to simplify the views in Engage, and additionally, a way to remove unwanted/expired emails (for example, activities that happened in the past).

Naming conventions are not enough when you have 100+ emails in the list.

What we’d like to see:

We’d like to see the following improvements:

  • Disable emails: have an option to disable or ‘make invisible’ certain emails, so the sales team using Engage won’t be able to see them anymore. Those emails are not deleted, just invisible. All reporting is still available from Eloqua. Examples of these would be event invitations that are only viable for a specific point of time.  Promotional emails also follow into this use case.
  • Folders or an easier way to group emails: Right now, all the emails that belong to the Engage email group are visible in the main window. While you could search by name, it would be great to offer folders or some enhancements in the view, so we can group by language, region, sales objective, campaign, etc. Right now we can only rely on naming conventions and it’s not the most friendly approach.


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