Frequency Capping on Promotional Campaigns (Email/SMS/App Notifications)

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Hi Folks,

We should have frequency capping on promotional campaigns (EMAIL/SMS/APP NOTIFICATIONS) defined at an admin level. For e.g. 1 customer can receive only 6 promotional emails, 9 promotional SMS & 4 promotional notifications in a month. No cap  on transactional campaigns. I mean there should be a flexibility of defining a limit which can vary as per business norms and Responsys should be able to manage this easily at the time of program deployment. So, let's say, when a program is scheduled and list is attached, the frequency cap checks each contact and sees how many emails they have been sent in the last n days. Those who have reached their limit are removed. Emarsys, does it very well. The same has been discussed multiple times with our CSM but haven't got any confirmation on the progress. Below is the screenshot for your reference from Emarsys:



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