Create a Report Subscription (Agent) that Returns More Than 5000 Rows

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Hi Everyone,

I would love to see the new insight be able to have more than 5000 rows be able to be sent automatically with a subscription.  In the old classic we didn't have such a restriction. I understand that  performance was an issue in classic and a restriction is maybe a good thing but 5000 is still not enough.   We have very large events where we can have more than 5000 registrants.  In the old classic this never was an issue for us. We now are getting complaints from our various sales teams as things are being cut off which means we have to take time to solve.  We've been told that we can still manually extract this from the system and so we are now having to do extra steps that were not needed in the past.

Three points to consider:

1. We had a tool that did this in the past and now we lose this with the new tool.  Normally a new tool would be able to provide similar functionally plus more. In this case it causes extra work.

2. In a marketing automation platform why are we losing our automation and now need to do manual work around to accommodate some of our needs?

3. If performance is an issue can there not be an option to zip the file (as in classic) or at least if we select a csv file more rows are allowed than the other options? I would say a csv file wouldn't need as much resources as an excel with all the formatting etc.

I'm hoping others can provide some use cases and support this dream.


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