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Asset Effective and expiration dates - ability to expire an email template after a certain date — oracle-topliners


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Asset Effective and expiration dates - ability to expire an email template after a certain date

Dave ZeltserDave Zeltser Posts: 50 Bronze Badge
edited December 2018 in Dream It

I support about 8,000 end users of Eloqua/Engage combined. We have a monster marketing and sales org. We recently migrated away from a home-grown tool that we had built that had the ability to have effective dates and expiration dates for email templates. For example, a seasonal promo email that we do not want to be visible to Engage users before a certain date or after an expiration date.

I am proposing adding some additional fields on the Asset Permissions window that would add effective dates and expiration dates for security groups. This would further extend the granular security to give windows of time that an asset can be editable or visible/locked down. This could be assigned to all groups except for Customer Admins so they always have control.

This would be a huge enhancement for marketing operations and sales teams to allow them to only use content while it is accessible.

Would love to hear additional feedback which we could provide in this thread to further enhance this area of the Eloqua product. Please chime in.



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  • Scott R. Lang -OracleScott R. Lang -Oracle Posts: 28 Employee

    Hi Dave,

    Although asset effective and expiration dates are not currently on our product roadmap, we are currently working on archiving functionality. We will be rolling this out to specific assets (e.g. forms, emails, LPs, etc.) in upcoming releases (safe harbor). Archived assets will not be displayed in the chooser screens and cannot be edited or copied. Marketers with the delete permission will have the ability to archive and unarchive assets, they will also be given the choice to archive an asset when they cannot delete it due to dependencies. I would be happy to discuss further and hear your feedback on this functionality.

    Scott Lang    

    Oracle Eloqua Product Management

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