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Large Text Fields Segmentation - Improved Search and Selection

RichardGar Posts: 22 Blue Ribbon
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We use large text fields for storing interest. Someone can have lots of different interests and to preserve space we have used codes for interests which means more can fit but harder for the end user to instantly know what the interest its.

Some of our contacts are interested in a lot of things and as such they have reached the limit of the 250 characters for a CDO text field. We have had to go to large text.

Both text and large text are harder for the users to select compared to picklists for example. It would be great to provide an improved way to search and select for sub strings based on reference data such as the value and name being different as it is for picklists. For example if I have this data set

Sample Contact Record

Contact ID | 123

Interest Field Codes | FOOT, RUGB, BASE, HOCK...

Reference / lookup table

FTB | Football

RGB | Rugby

BSE | Basket Ball

HCK | Hockey

If I was creating a segment to contacts with an interest in basketball it would be great if they can see the lookup, so when they type "Foo" it auto suggests "football" and when I select football would use "FTB" as the critiera. Therefore running a partial search and returning a readable value rather than the code

This is the same functionality as we have at the moment for select lists such as with country per below:


Interesting in Eloqua topliners the ability to add tags is another way this could work. So each of these tags would be interests in my example.


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