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Import actions

kdprimm Posts: 4 Blue Ribbon
edited Mar 25, 2019 4:13PM in Dream It

I find the import actions extremely lacking.  As the system gets more complex, we must make it easier to get contacts into segments, campaigns, shared lists CDOs and add external activities without having to import lists multiple times. 

I envision one wizard with actions at the end, much like processing step at the end of a form.

1.We should be able to add an import to one or many shared lists.

2.We should be able to add contacts to an existing segment or create [email protected]@ new segment.

3. We should be able to add contacts to programs and/or campaigns from an import

4. We should be able to include external activities in the same import rather than have to add them to the campaign separately.  ( I would love to utilize these more, but it is a pain to add them to the campaign.  when teams are small, we need to maximize efficiency)

5. We should be able to map contacts to a CDO as well.

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