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Automated report after 10 days after Campaign Start Date — oracle-topliners


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Automated report after 10 days after Campaign Start Date

Astrid80335Astrid80335 Posts: 27 Red Ribbon
edited May 2020 in Dream It

It would be dream if I can send an automated report after campaign start date after a specific time (for example after 10 days) to the user who started the campaign.

Option 1: It would be perfect, if I have this option in Insight, so that I can define the attributes / metrics in the report and I can select the user who activated the campaign in an agent.

Option 2: If Insight is too complex, a simple standard report in Eloqua would be fine for the first. The option to select the report and to specifiy the timespan to send the report could be found directly in the campaign canvas.

Attributes and metrics desired: Campaign name, Campaign start date, Email Name, per each Email in the Campaign, the metrics standard metrics (sends, opens, clicks, hardbounces, etc.)

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