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Pre-set a date & time for a Landing Page to redirect.

derek.bell Posts: 59 Silver Badge
edited Jun 23, 2020 7:35PM in Dream It

We manage many events with many registration pages up potentially at the same time. When you add to this scenario people dynamically entering campaigns, it's possible that some people may:

A: Reach a registration landing page minutes before an event is due to start i.e. a webinar.

B: Reach the registration page within minutes or hours of the event concluding.

Part of the issue is that a campaign concludes at midnight on the last day v's having the ability to end a campaign on a specific date AND time. This means that if your campaign sending invitations has a dynamic segment with people automatically entering the campaign at e.g. 1:00 pm and the webinar took place at 10:00 am, they'll be sent an invitation. We've fixed that issue by using the Compare Date element. However, it still means I need to set a manual diary note in my calendar to go back and manually re-direct registration pages - and let's just say I'm not really good at completing that task.

IDEA: It would be great if when you create a landing page that you could pre-set a specific date and time when that landing page is either taken off-line OR re-directed to another page. I imagine we would probably have a default page to re-direct people to based on the event type. It would make sense for the pre-set time and date re-direct to be an option in the ADVANCED SETTINGS area of the Landing Page Editor.

@Wren Ludlow-Oracle

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