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When a user is creating an asset but doesn't have permissions for one of the components used in the asset (e.g. creating an email and inserting an image, or perhaps a landing page with dynamic content), Eloqua will prevent the user from saving the asset and alert the user that they don't have permission to perform this action.

It would be great if the error notification provided an idea of what permission was missing.  The generic error message provides no context and makes troubleshooting very difficult, especially if one is creating custom security groups.

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  • Dave Zeltser
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    Agree. It would be nice if a warning displayed BEFORE they tried to build something! Maybe a banner? Its too late when they get 3/4 of the way done building something and realize on save that something is lacking permissions.

    Its cryptic and only if you are in Marketing Ops would you understand why its not working.

    Somewhat related is when we have users in Engage that we prevent from creating contacts (if the user is in the EU or Canada we prevent them from creating contacts that have not opted in) they get no error in Engage - it just doesnt save the contact.

    Good suggestion as this has bugged me for a long while.